Artist specializing in photo-realistic serigraphic printing, kinetic pointillism, and portraits.

Painting Title:    OLGA (2020)

Media:               Acrylic on canvas

Artist Comments:  "This is a large canvas painting of my lovely wife, Olga.  I used the ancient technique of sfumato to create a soft, realistic image, and decided on an outdoor setting for the portrait.

Print Title:         BIG BEN (2016)

Media:               Tea Ink on watercolor board

Location:           John Jarrold Printing Museum

                         Norwich, England

Artist Comments:  "This is the first print to be created using ink derived from tea.  Many thanks to the John Jarrold Printing Museum for their support of the art of printing!"

r o b e r t   o t t e s e n

Print Title:      EIFFEL TOWER (2017)

Media:            Wine Ink on watercolor board

Location:        Gutenberg Museum

                      Mainz, Germany

Artist Comments:  "This is the only serigraph to be printed with ink derived from wine, and was difficult to create because the sugars in the wine did not blend easily with my usual ink base.  After many tries, I finally was able to create a print!"

Print Title:         SPACE NEEDLE (2014)

Media:               Coffee Ink on watercolor board

Location:           Museum of Printing

                         North Andover, Massachusetts

Artist Comments:  "This was my first monochromatic serigraph.  It is the world's first 'coffee print' and was printed with coffee ink only (it is not a duo-tone).  Many thanks to the Museum of Printing for their support and their journal article!" 

Print Title:      TAJ MAHAL (2015)

Media:           Chocolate Ink on watercolor board

Locations:      International Printing Museum

                      Carson, California

                      World of Chocolate Museum

                      Orlando, Florida

Artist Comments:  "This is the world's first 'chocolate print'.  It is a ten tone, monochromatic serigraph using chocolate ink only.  Many thanks to the World of Chocolate Museum in Orlando and the International Printing Museum in Carson for their support of printing as an art form!"